General Information

Vote Best Theatre Group in WDIV's "Vote of the Best", the Sterling Civic Theatre is a community based theater program that produces theatrical shows in Sterling Heights.

Sterling Civic's goal is to produce, promote and educate our community in all aspects of the theatre arts using amateur and local talent only. Additionally, we are committed to an “open fair casting” policy. “ANYONE” who auditions for our shows will be given a role. Everyone must audition to be in our shows. We do not use ringers. All roles are competitively offered. Every season Sterling Civic Theatre changes Directors, Music Directors and Choreographers. We do this to give other creative individuals the opportunity to work with us. Another benefit from this is it keeps everything fresh and new. Nothing is more frustrating to see the same people being recycled into different roles.

It is important to us to offer a safe and fun environment for as many people as possible to get a chance to act and have a blast on a stage. Because of this we offer the strictest NO BULLYING POLICY possible. Everyone is welcome. We don't care about your politics or who you kiss. If you join us you will be in a safe environment and free to express yourself. Bullying will be addressed quickly and monitored by all of our staff. We are also very proud to offer Noah's Ark to our community.

Noah's Ark allows individuals with special needs, regardless of what those special needs are, to be in our casts and to be in our theater group. We partner with the MISD to provide qualified staff to assist us in getting them started. Exciting things are happening right now and we are very proud to bring to you a different type of community theater to Sterling Heights and Macomb County, and remember...leave the drama on the stage!

For more info, contact Larry O’Grady at 586-264-5571.